Most definitely! At Zion Care we recognize that people are the experts in the experience of their life. Although, we do have a policy of at least 3 hours per shift to ensure adequate and productive care is provided to our valued participants.

Each NDIS plan is created for each unique individual that takes into consideration your support needs to reach your own personal goals that maximises quality of life. It is important to maximise your budget to last the duration of the plan to ensure you receive outstanding support. At the end of the plan, unused budget is considered not required by the participant and may be deducted when the plan rolls over.

At Zion Care, we strongly prioritise communication skills to build rapport and create a harmonious relationship with our participants. At Zion Care, we strongly advise to cancel shifts 24 hours prior to the commencement of the shift to avoid cancellation charges to the plan.

At Zion Care, we abide by the NDIS price arrangement and limits (2021-2022) for each type of services we provide. The NDIS price arrangement and limit (2021-2022) is a document that lists the price guidelines for each support item. This document is used as reference to determine the most suitable price depending on the level care required.

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