About Zion Care

Zion care is a company formed and led by a group of nurses with extensive nursing background. The founding members have a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience spanning across different areas of nursing which includes, perioperative, intensive care, dialysis, aged care, disability, and mental health.

As an NDIS provider, ZION Care’s founding purpose is to provide evidence-based holistic care to people with disability with the goal to improve or maintain their quality of life. Our core values of respect, empathy, excellence, and person-centred approach guide our decision making in our day-to-day service delivery.

CORE values


We recognize the value of every person. We believe people with disablity should be treated with same respect as other members of the Australian society.


We believe that being aware of the feelings, thoughts and experiences of a person with disability without passing judgement is a key element in providing holistic care.


By integrating the best available evidence with patients unique values and circumstances, we are assured to provide the best available care to our clients.


We believe that by actively involving the clients or those who know them the best, we can individualize the support that they receive to increase their chances of living independently to the best of their ability.

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